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Colleen Safford
of New York Walk & Train and Far Fetched Acres is one of NYC's most recognized dog trainers. Colleen’s fun and effective methods of training and top and top notch pet care, have earned her the “Best of NY” title from New York Magazine and Metro City Tails magazine. As host of The Family Pet on Pet Life Radio, Colleen addresses common child-pet issues, appropriate pet selection, and child-friendly training techniques. Colleen is also the featured trainer in Nylabone's entire book and DVD series for new dog owners. Colleen has been featured in The NY Daily New, New York Post, AOL, Yahoo! And many more. Colleen is an expert contributor at DogTime with her column DogSpeak with Colleen Safford. Colleen is also part of Modern Dog Magazine’s Fab Five team and the author of Secrets to a Good Dog — Modern Dog Training with Colleen Safford. She’s also a contributor at The Nest, Wet Nose Guide, Dog Tipper and more. Colleen's driving motivation is to keep dogs safely in their homes and out of shelters. She advocates for rescue and adoption and is proudly owned by Luna, her rescued boxer-ish.


Becky Ascione — Manager/Trainer
From the streets to the office. Becky joined NY Walk & Train as a dog walker, but soon we were hounding her to join our management and training program. Her love of animals, devotion and organizational skills shined through. And we knew she was a keeper. Becky understands the importance of diligence, personal care and attention. Her communication and organizational skills are out of this world. Enabling her to coordinate all of our daily walks, training and sitting requests.

Becky attends regular dog training seminars, completed Dogs Of Course dog training camp and was the teacher's pet. She earned rave reviews from respected trainers Pia Silvani and Sue Sternberg. Becky has attended Pat Miller and Ian Dunbar seminars and continues to study and work with the industry's most respected professionals.

Becky is proud mom to her furry boy Max (a dog allergic to everything, including her) and a baby boy of the human kind too.


Mikaela Novotny — Trainer
After moving to NY to study Business Administration, and Management Mikaela began dog sitting. Quickly Mikaela found herself enveloped in the canine behavior world as she took on two foster dogs that were leash reactive/aggressive. Her extensive independent study of animal psychology and dog training methodology enabled her to address the leash reactivity among other issues common to urban city dwelling dogs and thus sparked the bug that dog training is what she needed to do full time.

Mikaela was accepted into a dog trainers' apprenticeship program and thus began her studying and hands on practice. Mikaela has flourished into an amazing trainer after juggling 6 busy daycare training programs. Whether she is conducting classes, consulting or working in partnership with other accomplished trainers, her love for the dogs always shines through. Mikaela practices gentle, and humane techniques rooted in positive reinforcement, of course
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